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Robert Mondavi Private Selection Buttery Chardonnay 750ml

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Buttery Chardonnay is named for the rich, creamy flavours imparted by its distinct winemaking style. Their coastal Californian vineyards deliver lush notes of ripe apple and white peach, balanced with bright, mouth-watering acidity. Malolactic fermentation then enhances the wine’s body and complexity. Ageing on French and American oak adds the finishing touches of brown spice and vanilla aromas and notes of toasty brioche to complement the decadent buttery profile.

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A variety of seafood, light salads and coconut milk



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What does it mean when a Chardonnay is buttery?

When a Chardonnay is said to be buttery, it means that the wine has characteristics reminiscent of butter. This can include notes of cream, vanilla, and even coconut. The term is often used to describe wines that are full-bodied and have a smooth texture. “Butteriness” in Chardonnay is usually the result of oak aging, which adds these flavours to the wine.

Robert Mondavi’s Buttery Chardonnay is a great example of a buttery wine. This wine is aged in oak barrels, giving it plenty of time to develop those smooth, creamy flavours. The result is a delicious, full-bodied Chardonnay that’s perfect for sipping on its own or enjoying with a meal. If you’re looking for a buttery Chardonnay, be sure to give Robert Mondavi’s Buttery Chardonnay a try!