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Pepperjack Makes a Wine for Every Meal

We love a glass of wine with a pleasing meal. So does Richard Mattner, the winemaker at Pepperjack. And he’s not satisfied with a pairing that merely works. He wants the wine to elevate the meal. That might be why Pepperjack Shiraz is consistently Australia’s most popular red wine by value. And Pepperjack does not just partner wine with food — they are partnering with the AFL too. We are proud to offer Pepperjack wines. From the original Shiraz to the newer additions like Malbec and Chardonnay, they are clever wines that taste even better with the right dish.

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A new way to pair food and wine

Pepperjack’s winemaker wants to match food and wine in a new way. Instead of creating a wine first, then finding a dish to go with it, Richard Mattner starts with the food. He develops a wine that brings out the flavours in a specific dish. We think that makes for unique and interesting flavours. Whether you pair the wine with the intended food or not, they will all be memorable.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Barossa Red

The Cabernet Sauvignon is an explosion of ripe berries, black currants, plums, spice, and mint. Its rich, dark fruit characters are balanced with soft chalky tannins. Try it with mint- and rosemary-infused roasts. It heightens their savoury flavour. Or skip the mint and rosemary and try Pepperjack Barossa Red. It works with any type of roast meat. The aromas include violet, berries, and liquorice. Then blueberries, plums, and vanilla grace the palate.

Shiraz with duck and lamb

We have always known that Shiraz goes well with steak. But Pepperjack goes in a different direction. Pepperjack Shiraz enriches duck and lamb dishes. It starts with a nose of rich fruit and dark chocolate. Then berry and oak balance with fine tannins. The finish is soft and flavourful.

Chardonnay and Grenache Rosé

We have been drinking more Chardonnay lately. Have you? The Chardonnay emerged in 2020. It should be served chilled, and pairs well with chargrilled chicken. Especially if the chicken is dressed with wild mushroom, saffron, and jus. The complex Chardonnay has grapefruit, biscuit, and melon flavours, among others. We also enjoy chicken with the The Grenache Rosé. Fresh strawberries and hints of cherry are the primary flavours. There is also a touch of fresh cream. We enjoy the rosé with chicken or grilled white fish.

Malbec with rich pasta or steak

Pepperjack Malbec is so steeped in Malbec tradition that the grapes are imported from Argentina. It starts with violet and boysenberry aromas. Flavours include cherry, cranberries, and savoury tannins. We enjoy it with rich pasta dishes or a succulent steak.

Handcrafted Pepperjack Graded McLaren Vale Shiraz

This exciting shiraz was handcrafted to bring out the flavour in a Scotch Fillet. We are not surprised that Richard Mattner would start with the food, then make the wine! The delicious Graded McLaren Vale Shiraz has a rich, dark red colour. Its aroma includes fruit, chocolate, mocha, and oak. The excellent structure of the palate includes layers of blueberry and blackberry, blended with oak. Then we notice the velvety tannins and a soft, full finish.

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