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Petaluma White Label Chardonnay 750ml

A bright, fruit forward wine, with lovely citrus and stone fruits from the Petaluma winery‘s Adelaide Hills wine yards. The palate is dominated by grapefruit and melon, hints of white peach and is framed by crisp acidity and lovely subtle oak.

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If a specific vintage is required please contact Bayfield’s in advance of placing your order.

What does Petaluma White Label Chardonnay taste like?

The Petaluma White Label Chardonnay is a delightful wine that is sure to please. On the nose, it has a complex bouquet of ripe tropical fruits, citrus, and a hint of oak. On the palate, it is well-balanced with a good acidity, a creamy texture, and a satisfying finish. This wine is rich, full-bodied, and has a nice complexity to it, making it a great choice for any occasion. It is a good match for seafood, poultry and light pasta dishes. The Petaluma White Label Chardonnay is a great choice for those who enjoy a classic, California-style Chardonnay with a good balance of fruit and oak. It is a well-crafted wine that is easy to enjoy and would be a great addition to any wine lover’s collection.

What does White Label mean in Petaluma White Label Chardonnay?

“White Label” in the context of the Petaluma White Label Chardonnay refers to the fact that the wine is bottled and sold under the winery’s own brand, rather than being sold under a different label or brand name. White label products are made by one company, but sold under another company’s brand name. This is usually done for private label or store brand products or for companies that want to rebrand a product to sell it under their own name.

In the case of Petaluma White Label Chardonnay, it means that the wine is produced, bottled, and sold by Petaluma Winery under their own brand name, rather than being sold under a different label or brand name. It’s a way to differentiate their own production from other wines that might be sold under different brand name.

Where is Petaluma White Label Chardonnay made?

Petaluma White Label Chardonnay is made in Australia, specifically in the Petaluma Winery located in the cool climate region of Adelaide Hills, South Australia. The winery has a long history of producing high-quality wines, and is known for its premium white wines, including Chardonnay. The winery uses grapes grown in the local region, which are known for their intensity of flavour and balanced acidity, to produce their wines. The Petaluma White Label Chardonnay is a good representation of the style of Chardonnay that can be produced in the Adelaide Hills region. The cool climate and specific terroir allows the grapes to ripen slowly and produce wines with good acidity and complex aromas.