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Chandon Brut NV 750ml

Straw yellow in colour with flashes of green and a fine persistent bead. This Chandon features a bright and fresh fruit bouquet of citrus blossom, subtle pear and white nectarine combines with savoury characters of roasted nuts and delicate spices. The entry is soft with generous primary fruit characters followed by a creamy mid-palate offering nougat and nectarines extending to a lingering and crisp brut finish.

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What does the Chandon Brut NV taste like?

The Chandon Brut NV is a classic sparkling wine from the Chandon winery. Made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, this wine offers a bright and lively character that is both refreshing and delicious.

One of the standout features of the Chandon Brut NV is its bright and effervescent character. The wine features a fine mousse that creates a delicate stream of bubbles, and a crisp acidity that balances the wine’s subtle sweetness.

On the nose, the Chandon Brut NV offers aromas of green apple, lemon zest, and hints of biscuit and bread dough. On the palate, the wine is crisp and refreshing, with flavours of green apple, lemon, and a hint of yeast and bread crust. The wine’s bright acidity provides a clean and refreshing finish, making it a great choice for any occasion.

Food pairing is another area where the Chandon Brut NV shines. Due to its bright acidity and delicate sweetness, this wine is a great match for a variety of foods, including seafood, salads, and light meats like chicken and pork. It’s also a great choice to pair with fruit-based desserts, such as fruit tarts or sorbets.

Overall, the Chandon Brut NV is a classic sparkling wine that offers a bright and lively character that is both refreshing and delicious. Whether you’re looking for a wine to enjoy as an aperitif, to pair with light and fresh foods, or to celebrate a special occasion, the Chandon Brut NV is definitely worth a try.

What does "NV" mean in the name Chandon Brut NV?

The “NV” in the name Chandon Brut NV stands for “Non-Vintage.” In the wine world, “vintage” refers to the year in which the grapes were harvested. Vintage wines are made from grapes grown in a single year, and are considered to be some of the finest and most sought-after wines.

Non-vintage wines, on the other hand, are made from grapes harvested from multiple years. The goal of non-vintage wines is to maintain a consistent style and quality from year to year, regardless of the vintage conditions.

In the case of Chandon Brut NV, the winemakers have blended together grapes from different vintages to create a wine that has a consistent flavour profile, regardless of the vintage conditions in any given year. This allows them to produce a high-quality wine that is always available to customers, without having to worry about variations in vintage conditions from year to year.

Overall, the “NV” designation in the name Chandon Brut NV is a sign of a non-vintage wine, which is made to be consistent in style and quality from year to year, regardless of the vintage conditions.

At what temperature should the Chandon Brut NV be served?

The Chandon Brut NV sparkling wine should be served at a temperature of around 45-50°F (7-10°C). This temperature range is ideal for sparkling wines, as it allows the wine to showcase its bright acidity and delicate flavours, while also ensuring that the wine is refreshing and easy to drink.

It is important to note that sparkling wines, including the Chandon Brut NV, should be chilled before serving. To achieve the ideal serving temperature, it is recommended to remove the wine from the refrigerator about 30 minutes prior to serving, or to place the wine in an ice bucket to chill quickly.

By serving the Chandon Brut NV at the proper temperature, you will be able to fully enjoy its bright and effervescent character, crisp acidity, and delicate flavours, making it the perfect wine for any occasion.