Here at Bayfield’s we appreciate the importance of family, there is nothing greater … there is nothing more precious. So when another great Aussie family holds the same ideals – we are happy to shout about it!

The Angove Family Winemakers are a fifth generation family business committed to mastering outstanding premium and single vineyards from the best wine regions within South Australia. They hold the sense of family close and are constantly thinking about the next generations to come for everyone. Taking care of the soil is of paramount concern to them – soil that is their past, present and future. They are fierce guardians of their vineyards, and the wine making region within South Australia – adopting sustainable and organic wine crafting techniques so that their ideology that healthy soils equate to more flavourful and delicious wines is upheld.

For over a decade the team at Angove’s have been converting vineyards to certified Organic viticultural Management, and in the process turning out an outstanding range of premium organic wines. For the Angove Team, Organic Wine and Organic Viticulture is also about community. They live where they grow their grapes and they want to live in a healthy, clean environment, one that has biodiversity and is sustainable.

Being certified organic and making organic wines means no artificial herbicides, pesticides, chemicals or fertilisers are used in either the vineyard or the winery. It takes three years for a vineyard to be certified as organic and they are audited annually to achieve ongoing certification.

“Our aim is to have the healthiest soil we possibly can. With minimal inputs and if we look after the soil our vines will produce grapes of the highest flavour every season. As a family, and as proud South Australians, we’re always thinking about the generations to come.  It’s one of the key reasons we have been a leader in the adoption of sustainable and organic winemaking practices, safeguarding the future of our vineyards, our land, our wine regions and our wine industry in South Australia. Our belief in organic vineyard management resonates as true in that more naturally healthy soils and vines lead to more flavourful and delicious wines.  No other place on earth can create the diversity and deliciousness of wines that we can here, in South Australia”.  

Check out our range of Angove Family Wines here

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