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To Make Great Wine, Taylors Respects the Fruit

The Taylor family have been making Taylors wine for three generations. What is their secret? For this prestigious wine making family, the most important thing about winemaking is to respect the fruit.

At Bayfield’s, we think Taylors are on to something. Taylors have won an impressive number of awards. In 2017, Taylors was the most awarded winery in the world and you’ll find them on many prominent lists of wines to try. Most recently, Taylors St Andrews Shiraz was named Wine of the Year in 2022.

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Taylors Estate Label

In wine lingo, an estate is a location with both a vineyard and a winery. Taylors established their estate in 1969, and they still operate a vineyard and craft wines on the same land in the Clare Valley. The wines that carry the Taylors Estate Label are the heart and soul of Taylors. In fact, the Taylors Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Taylors Estate Shiraz are the first wines Taylors ever made. We also offer their chardonnay, merlot, pinot gris, pinot noir, pinot noir rosé, sauvignon blanc, and the sparkling brut cuvée NV.

Taylors Promised Land

When Bill Taylor Sr first established Taylors in 1969, he was already thinking about expanding. A neighbour had a piece of land with beautiful terra rossa soils. Over a fence, Bill chatted with the landowner. They agreed that if the neighbour ever wanted to sell his land, Bill could buy it.

It took 20 years, but Bill was persistent. When that land was added to the estate, it became known as the Promised Land. These days the grapes for these wines are grown in other parts of South Australia, but they still have the same award-winning pedigree. We offer Promised Land’s chardonnay, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet merlot, shiraz cabernet, pinot noir, and pinot grigio.

Taylors Jaraman

The Taylors Jaraman range focuses on distinctive fruit that creates wine with unique regional traits. The Jaraman wines most closely adhere to the adage to ‘respect the fruit.’ Grapes are sourced from renowned Australian wine spots and then crafted into wines that showcase those regions’ unique characteristics. Enjoy the Jaraman take on pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, chardonnay, and grenache.

Taylor Made

The art of winemaking is on display in the Taylor Made collection. We can tell there is an entire team of skilled winemakers behind them. These balanced wines elevate any table. There’s a pinot noir rosé, French oak chardonnay, and a pinot noir.

Taylors Masterstroke

A masterstroke refers to an important decision and as you can imagine, this label had a major impact on Australian winemaking. These bold wines showcase important wine regions in South Australia. Masterstroke wines include a Taylors cabernet shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, and shiraz.

Taylors St Andrews

Only released when the vintage is just right, St Andrews wines champion Clare Valley’s winemaking tradition. They include rich, bold reds and elegant whites. Both will be tasty in their youth but become even better over time. We are proud to offer the St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon as well as the St Andrews Shiraz.

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