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Seventh Day

What started out as a selfish pursuit to appease his palate, soon turned into a community affair. His kid’s sporting sidelines swirled with stories among parents of Mike’s lucrative lager. Locals soon became his taste bud test subjects and the muse for his booze.Seventh Day challenges the idea that relaxation needs to be confined to week’s end. It’s our belief that the sublime can be summoned, with the crack of a can.

The team at Seventh Day are in the business of social lubrication – allowing us to slip the restraints of corporate coldness, skirt the rules of society, and slick the road less travelled with a product that’s for everyone.

From charitable ventures, to steadfast support for local businesses, sporting teams, events, and initiatives – our aim is, was, and always will be to propel others toward greatness.

‘Beer, for good’s sake’ is a mission, to drink good and do good.

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