If you think the cost of cocktails in Australia are steep at up to $25 a pop, spare a thought for those patrons frequenting the suavest cocktail bars around the world where the finest and rarest cocktails are in the triple digits and beyond.

Here are 5 of the most expensive cocktails and bars from around the world that will make you grateful to pay for a $20 Mojito! They are an experience unto themselves that most of us would only ever dream about. But hey, here’s to dreaming.


Cocktail: The Original Mai Tai
Venue: The Cocktail Bar, Merchant Hotel in Belfast
Country: Ireland
Price: 750 pounds (A$ 1,300)

The Merchant Hotel in Belfast is a special hotel for many reasons, not least because it is home to the most expensive Mai Tai on record. Why so much? Because the Merchant Hotel is the only bar in the world that has a bottle of the original 17 Year Old  Wray & Nephew Rum that was used to create the original Mai Tai in 1944 by Victor J.Bergeron. It includes both White and Dark Rum, Orange Curacao. Orgeat Syrup and fresh lime juice is served on the rocks with a lime wedge. Yum!

Cocktail: The Sidecar
Venue: Bar Hemingway, The Ritz Paris
Country: France
Price: 1,500 euros (A$ 2,300)

Bar Hemingway

Available at the quaintly chic Bar Hemingway at the Hotel Ritz in Paris, this cocktail was created in 1923 by Frank Meier to impress wealthy American clients using Cointreau, lemon juice and an extremely rare and fine champagne cognac from 1831. This recipe was refined and improved upon in 2001 by Colin Peter Field and is without doubt the most classic of all cocktails on the list.

Cocktail: Ménage a Trois
Venue: The Tryst Nightclub, Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas
Country: USA
Price: $US 3,000 ($A 4,050)

Tryst Las Vegas

Vegas is a town where anything is possible and people come looking for many things. So if you’re seeking a Menage a Trois, then you can’t really go past this classy little three-some. Made by combining Cristal Rose, Hennessy Elipse, and Grand Marnier Cuvee du Cent-Cinqauntenaire Liqueur mixed with 23 carat gold flakes and liquid gold syrup it also includes a gold straw encrusted with a 9 point diamond. Hurruh!

Cocktail: Diamond Cocktail
Venue: The Sheraton Grand, London
Country: UK
Price: £3,375​ ($A 6,000)

Sheraton Grand London

If your taste in garnishes is on the expensive side then drop by the Sheraton Grand Hotel in London where a real diamond, sapphire or ruby is used to dress an intense tasting cocktail using a blend of cognacs that are priced at over $1000 a bottle and Charles Heidsieck Vintage Champagne. All finished beautifully with a precious gem which is yours to cherish of course!

Cocktail: The Diamond is Forever
Venue: The Lobby Lounge & Bar, Ritz Carlton Tokyo
Country: Japan
Price: 1,800,000 Yen​ ($A 21,000)

This is the ultimate way to be proposed to! With a live band serenading your serve, this cocktail is made using a blend of chilled Grey Goose Vodka with a twist of lime and a flawless 1 carat diamond garnish at the bottom of the glass. The inspiration for the drink came from the former hotel manager who was trying to create a ‘wow’ cocktail to complement the hotel’s other superlatives — the tallest building, the most expensive suite, the largest guest rooms. This is certainly the most decadent cocktail experience we can dream of.


Here’s to dreaming though – cheers!

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