Ever wondered why Vodka doesn’t freeze? In actual fact it does, but not at the same temperature of an ordinary freezer. Vodka contains water and ethanol, and while water has a freezing point of 0ºC, ethanol has a freezing point of -114ºC.

A typical commercial freezer operates at around  -17°C, which is why it is completely safe to keep vodka here. Other spirits such as Tequila, Rum or Gin will behave in pretty much the same way, so keeping them is the freezer will have the same result.

Love Vodka? Try our new cocktail: The Bayfield’s Raspberry Cosmopolitan

Vodka Cocktail


– 20ml Vodka
– 10ml Lemon Juice
– Teaspoon of Honey
– 5 Raspberries
– Prosecco
Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and double strain into a cocktail glass of your choice. Top with Prosecco and garnish with extra Raspberries.


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