Nothing says Sunday afternoon in Winter like your feet up in front of the fire and nursing a rich and aromatic Pinot Noir for good company!

Pinot Noir is over a millenia older than some of its other red wine counterparts, and is amongst the most highly acclaimed and prized in the world. It is generally grown in cooler regions, and renown for having a medium-body and being lighter on tannins than many other red wines, making it perfect for a broader range of fayre.

Some of the best Pinot Noirs come from the French Burgundy region but are definitely on the pricey side. More economical, fruit-forward versions derive from New World countries including Australia, New Zealand, Chile and the US (notably California and Oregon).

Pinot Noir is a perfectly suited wine to pair with a broad range of food because of its bright acidity, complexity, and rich fruit character. Fruit-laden Pinot Noirs dance happily with Salmon, Roast Chicken and Pasta dishes. While bigger, more tannic versions marry well with Duck, Stews and hearty Casseroles.

Here’s 3 of the best from Bayfield’s:


Sticks Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley, features lovely red cherry flavours with playful spices and charry oak influence. Lean with subtle tannins and a medium finish.
Food Match: Braised Lamb Shanks
LAMB SHANKS COOKING TIP: Use a Slow cooker for melt-in-your-mouth Lamb Shanks


This is a savoury and spicy dry red from Burgundy. Earthy good value French Pinot Noir.
Food Match: Beef Bourginon braised in red wine.
BEEF BOURGINON COOKING TIP: Use all wine and no stock.


A silky and succulent palate with ripe cherry and currant flavours. Dry with a silky textured palate and a fruity aftertaste.
Food Match: Oven-Roasted Pumpkin and Feta Risotto
RISOTTO COOKING TIP: When the risotto is cooked, stir through a few knobs of butter for pure decadence

TOP SERVING TIP: Always use a large rounded bell-shaped glass in order to gather the delicate aromatics of your Pinot Noir. A stem isn’t always required, however it’s perfect if you prefer to swirl your wine.

Pinot Noir Glass


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