As the upcoming annual International Womens Day rolls around on Monday 8th March, Bayfield’s would like to give a shout out to the important contribution the Ratettes have made towards the rich history of the club as they embark on their 2021 Rugby season.

The Bayfield Group have enjoyed a truly unique and dedicated relationship with the long running Warringah Rugby Club for over 34 years. As the official major sponsor of the Club it has contributed over $2.4million since 1987. The Bayfield family are nearly always in attendance at every home-ground and of course look forward to  handing over the Bayfield Cup which is held at Rat Park in July of each year.

Proudly local-minded, the Bayfield family have been bringing you the best brands at the best prices for over 40 years!

Image Courtesy: Rising Sun Photography & Warringah Rats Rugby Club