While the rise and rise of craft and micro-brewed beers seem to have conquered the market in recent years, why would anyone think to drink an Italian beer? Well it’s international beer day on 3rd August and we thought it good a time as any to re-visit a great Italian classic. This great Italian iconic brew is just shy of 200 years young and has come to represent the epitome of Mediterranean sophistication . Relished by the A-listers of it’s most iconic period it has become one of the most highly recognised European beers of its age. Here’s five reasons we love it!

1. It’s An Italian Masterpiece Handcrafted from 1846
An industrious and hardworking Italian by the name of Francesco Peroni founded his first brewery in Pavia province and created Birra Peroni in 1846. The combination of both climate and proximity to the mountains, where glacial water and the quality of ingredients were exemplary helped create a distinctive pale, mid-strength beer that has since become one of the most popular beers around the world.
A second brewery was built in Rome due to popular demand and Francesco’s son, Giovanni, took over the running of the new branch in 1864.

2. It Is Blue Ribbon
Peroni Birra has come to be recognised by it’s distinctive blue ribbon advertising. This is because it has aligned itself with blue-ribbon winners, such as the italian Luxury liner SS Rex which won the highly regarded ‘Blue Riband’ (‘Nastro Azzurro’ in Italian), a prize awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by passenger liners. More than 3 decades on, the SS Rex has become a symbol of national pride, inspiring the name of Peroni Nastro Azzurro to this day.

3. A History Of Iconic Advertising
Peroni Nastro Azzurro launched iconic advertising campaigns that aligned itself with chic and on-trend nautical themes that pay homage to all things inspired by sailing, a passion not only cherished by sea-faring Italians but by the Peroni family itself.  To present day, the blue ribbon that features around the neck of the bottle is synonymous with chic, stylish sophistication.

4. Peroni is the Best Selling Beer Worldwide
During the heyday of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Italian style bewitched and enchanted the international jet-setting scene and included all the A-List celebrities, politicians and actors of the day. They inundated the seaside playgrounds of Italy’s idyllic coastal communities to relish the sweet life or ‘la dolce vita’ as it is pronounced in Italian. Peroni now enjoys the status of being the  best selling Italian beer worldwide with long standing appreciation in the UK and Europe and is easily the most widely recognised. Peroni has now made its way to US, Australia and New Zealand and is highly identifiable with it’s iconic Blue Ribbon packaging.

5. It’s The Only Beer You Should Ever Drink with Pizza
Authentic Italian Pizza actually lends itself better to pale lagers rather than wine.
Bayfield’s Top Food Match: Pair with any super-thin crusted pizza baked in a woodfired oven. Make sure it comes generously spread with fresh tomato sauce, creamy buffalo cheese and fresh toppings!

Cheers, or as they in Italy, Saluti!


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