Order and Payment
Making your Choice
As you move around the site you will see that we have made ease of ordering our priority and a very simple process. Our products are set up so that at a glance you can tell the bottle price or a case price.  All you have to do is select the amount of bottles or cases you would like and add them to your shopping cart. Imagine you are in one of our stores and just add the beer, wines and spirits that you want to your shopping trolley!!  For cost of freight reasons we highly recommend that you purchase wine by the case (12 bottles) as this is the most economical way to have your wine delivered. The beauty of our site is you select your own mix of wine, just make sure you buy 12 bottles to get the best freight rate.  Beer, Cider and Spirit Mixers have to be ordered by the case. 

The checkout process
Once you have made your decision you click on the checkout icon. You then have three choices.
1. If you want to pay and go we have set up a quick checkout. Simply provide details on your address etc and pay. It is that simple.
2. You also have the choice of registering. Once you do this we will hold your information securely Privacy Policy and this will make all subsequent visits even quicker.
3. Once you have registered just login.

Why register?
Speed of checkout will be improved as all your details are held and you do not have to fill all the details out every time you order, except for your credit card details (we do not keep this detail). We will also add you to our weekly Newsletter data base so you are updated with all our specials and offers.

We only accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

Useful tips

Tip 1: When ordering, the trick to keeping your freight as low as possible is to order at least 12 bottles. The freight rates from Australia Post are set up that it costs the same to have 1 bottle delivered as it does a 6 bottle case as it does a 12 bottle case. So if you are in Melbourne, for example, it will cost $13.00 for 1 bottle to be delivered, $13.00 for a 6 bottle case to be delivered and that’s right....$13.00 for a 12 bottle case to be delivered. So if you want to save you can buy two 6 bottle cases and we will pack these cases into a 12 bottle case. This will save you on your freight costs. If this is all too confusing just give our friendly customer service team a call on 1300 10 55 88 and we will explain.
Tip 2: At any time you can check your freight costs by checking our freight calculator. Just look for the Australia Post icon on any page and follow the instructions.
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