Bridgewater Mill

The unique combination of the Adelaide Hills chilly climate, diverse soils...

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The unique combination of the Adelaide Hills' chilly climate, diverse soils and natural elevation all play a major part in making the Bridgewater Mill wines so special.

When coupled with the winemaker's integrity and focus on preserving the cool, crisp fruit from vineyard to bottle, what ends up on your table is a sophisticated yet simple wine designed to enjoy and share.

The perfect accompaniment to any meal, whether you're fine dining or lunching with friends.

The broad, curvaceous brush strokes found on the Bridgewater Mill wine labels typify the freshness and purity of the Adelaide Hills region.

This area of South Australia is wine country at its most divine. The undulating slopes offer a variety of aspects for growing, and the cool crisp climate along with some of the oldest soils on the earth's surface all contribute to make Bridgewater Mill wines loved for their freshness and purity. Just like the region.

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